Microblading Pigment | SofTap - 120 - Warm - Medium - Bordeaux


Microblading Pigment | SofTap

Bordeaux 120

A nice warm colour for medium to dark haired people who desire a brow that is not too dark and not too ash. Bordeaux is also great for dark blondes and Mediterranean skin types.

  • SoffTap® Pigment is sold in a 7ml tube.

    SofTap® Pigment is a sterile glycerine based hypo-allergenic micro-pigmentation pigment.

    SofTap® Pigments have been produced since 1988 in California, USA and the ingredients used are FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 73.2250 and 73.1200.

    SofTap® Pigments meet all of the requirements set forth in RESAP (2008).

    SofTap® Pigments can be mixed with other colours for the SofTap® for optimum results. Must NOT be mixed with pigments of other manufacturers.

    SofTap® Pigment use by date is imprinted in the crimped base of the tube.