Eco Microblading Pen | Needle Holder | Black Anti-Slip Handle


  • Disposable Microblading Pen Needle Holder - Simple and elegant design
  • Handle has two parts of a gear like design. 
  • The needle holder head is a line mouth. The hollow design in the middle allows for shading needles, the top of the pen comes equipped with a cotton brush.
  • EO Sterilised in a UK clean room facility
  • Sold with LOT number and Expiry Date
  • Sold for use as a single use item
Eco microblading pens can be used with the following needles:
  • 25mm: 7S, 9S, 11CF, 12CF, 14CF, 16CF, 18CF, 21CF, 18U, 21U
  • Flex nano: 0.18mm: 9S, 12CF, 14CF, 14U, 16CF, 18U
  • Flex nano: 0.16mm: 15CF, 18CF, 18U, 20U
  • Hard pin 0.25mm: 7S, 9S, 12CF, 18U, 21U
  • Shading R or RL: 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 19RL, 21R & all Roller Shading needles.