Eco Microblading Pen Needle Holder | Bio-Degradable | Bulk Buy


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  • Environmentally friendly straw fibre which does not contain any harmful materials.
  • Made from wheat straw fibre, the structure is very stable and has strong antibacterial properties.
  • Polished, delicate and light to use, grip fits your hand shape, smooth and round, easy to use, ergonomic shape.
  • It does not contain heavy metals such as lead and nickel contained in other microblading pens.
  • Under composting conditions the degradation of the straw biomass will be completed slowly in 2-3 years when it degrades into powder residue.
  • Elimination of infection and cross contamination risk is very important when performing micro-blade treatments.
  • This item is individually packaged and sterilised. 
  • EO Sterilised in a UK clean room facility
  • Sold with LOT number and Expiry Date