Pigment Removal Solution


Please read the instructions carefully before usage.

Pigment Removal Solution is a 100 per cent natural mineral based tattoo removal solution with a PH of 7 (Neutral PH). It is neither acidic nor alkaline. This solution will penetrate the cells that contain pigment particles causing them to spit out the pigments. The solution will then pull the pigment to the top of the epidermis so that pigment can exit the body as a scab forms and falls off naturally.

Eyebrow Procedure:

-Disinfect the area

-Using a large configuration round needle (3R or 5R), using a permanent makeup machine inject the solution into skin with oval technique (Ovals must be small 5mm ovals). Start from the tail of the eyebrow and work towards the front.

-Work 2-3 mm wider than original colored skin to ensure cover the edge.

-No more than 4 passes.

-Let solution sit for 15-20 minutes after procedure for a better result.

Eyeliner Procedure:

-Disinfect the area

-Use a 3R or 5R shader needle inject the solution into skin with oval technique.

-Since the skin around the eye is the thinnest needle depth must be controlled. To around 0.18-0.2mm

-No more than 3 passes.

Lip Contour Procedure:

-Disinfect the area

-Use a 3R or 5R needle inject the solution into skin with oval technique.

-Can only be used for lip liner and not used on the inside of the lip.


-Disinfect the Area

-Using a large configuration round needle inject the solution into tattooed skin.

-No area larger than 5cm X 5cm should be operated in one treatment.

-Work 2-3 mm wider than original colored skin to ensure cover the edge.

-No more than 4 passes.

Needle Depth:

Needle Depth should be set according to original depth where pigment particles located.

  1. Tattoo or permanent makeup: Tattooing injects pigment into skin at a depth of 1.5mm-3mm and permanent makeup only injects pigment at a depth of 0.5-0.7mm. Therefore when deciding the needle depth, the operator has to understand whether the original pigment was a tattoo or permanent makeup.
  2. Age of the tattoo: pigments seem to migrate lower toward the dermis as it ages so the older the tattoo/ permanent makeup, the deeper we will need to go.


  1. During recovery, please avoid contact with water or unclean objects to avoid wound infection, and avoid alcohol, spicy seafood, food, and steaming rooms.
  2. The surgical skin will be slightly red and swollen after application, usually lasting two to three hours. No special attention is required. If there is no sign of regression within three hours, a small amount of anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken.
  3. After doing it, a scab will dry and fall off in about 5 days, and some keratin will be accompanied by pigmentation. It must not be removed artificially.
  4. During the crusting process, the color of the eyebrows may be deeper than before. This is a normal phenomenon because the pigment is discharged to the epidermis, and the color and crusting will naturally fall off after the operation.
  5. About 5 to 10 days after surgery, the scars naturally fall off. After the scars fall off, the repair essence is applied every morning and evening for 15 days, and new skin will be formed within 28 days after surgery.

Storage: Sealed. Keep in the cool place. Use it within 3 months after opening.

Packing: Medicinal bottle packaging, 10ml per bottle.