Microblading Disadvantages

February 02, 2017

Microblading Disadvantages

You have already learned a lot about Microblading. But unfortunately there are also some downsides.

  • Microblading requires cutting into the skin with a blade. Since more than a hundred small incisions are made in a single session, the treatment may be painful. For this reason, the brows are usually covered with a light anaesthetic cream before the treatment. It has an exposure time of about 20 minutes and makes the later treatment less painful.
  • Aftercare is also very complicated as it is important not to wear make-up on or around the eyebrows during the first few days. Sweating of the eyebrows should also be avoided.
  • Expert work can lead to a safe reproduction of the technique. However, there is a danger that the cosmetician is not sufficiently trained, does not follow the necessary sterilisation steps and this can lead to skin irritations. Even a trained specialist may experience redness or swelling, but these usually disappear after one to two hours.
  • The ink used may not be suitable for all skin types. In some cases, the colour may not be absorbed well or the hue may become less intense over time. In this case, follow-up treatment would be necessary. However, this varies from skin type to skin type.
  • With about 400£ - 700£ Microblading is quite expensive, but you have to decide if this treatment and the possible result are worth the amount.



A good advice is to look for an experienced professional who also specializes in microblading, someone who is able to find and implement the desired style. Ask for recommendations and always plan a consultation.

Despite all this, Microblading is a great way to improve your eyebrows in an extremely natural way. Although the treatment is not painless, comparatively expensive and the colour can easily fade over time, it provides authentic and precise results that are hard to distinguish from real eyebrows.

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