Microblading - Before and After

January 01, 2017

Microblading - Before and After

The eyebrows are the cream of the face, so expressive and important for the overall picture. Fulfill your wish of swinging, dense and perfectly fitting eyebrows.

We show you in the following before - after pictures that the result can be really seen.

Before microblading. You can see the spots very clearly. Within this contour the eyebrow will be bladed afterwards!

Eyebrow directly after microblading.

After microblading, the pigment colour is applied and then removed again.

Both eyebrows directly after microblading and color pigmentation. Now there are no more spots/hairless areas to be seen.

Here are some more Microblading Before - After photos:

With the microblading technique, the eyebrows can be lifted slightly at the ends. The face is optically lifted and the eyes no longer look 'sad'."