Eyebrow Trends for 2019 and On...

April 01, 2019

Eyebrow Trends for 2019 and On...

It's a fascinating fact that eyebrows are the feature that has the most profound effect on facial structure, perception of youthfulness and overall look. They are also the one feature that can be changed to reflect fashions of the time. In the 1930s, brows were so skinny and arched they took on a cartoonish look; while 50 years later, the bushy Brook Shields–esque style took brow fashion to the other end of the spectrum. 
Thanks to social media, beauty trends are moving faster than ever before. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have revolutionised the world of makeup. Now seems to be a good time to take a look at the current trends in order to better serve your customer’s needs. 
Milk Makeup's studio artist, Sara Wren, thinks that Instagram has had its moment in the sun, but is entering the twilight of its influence. Echoing this sentiment is the view that the perfectly painted 'Instagram' brow is out!" says Dior makeup artist, Daniel Martin. 

Identifying trends from the sheer number of ‘influencers’ within the world of beauty, both online and on the catwalk, is becoming increasingly complicated. Boom Boom Brow Bar's founder, Malynda "Boom Boom" Vigliotti thinks that most people are not interested in insta-brow because they think it takes a lot of maintenance and a lot of makeup. According to him these brows look "too involved and it doesn't look real." 
 Eyebrows are perhaps the only element of makeup that has evolved in more than a decade, thanks to technology which has certainly contributed to the development of new techniques, such as microblading. 
Eyebrow Trends for 2019 and Onward 

Down-to-earth brows 
This look involves fewer steps and less definition. Instead, it's all about "a fluffy, less perfected brow that adds youthfulness to the face," Wren says. The benefits are "Less time getting ready and a less-forced look”. 
“Think the bedhead of eyebrows.” Elyse Reneau, global pro artist for Too Faced comments; "We are already seeing beauty trends straight from the runway from spring 2019 at NYFW which featured ‘bigger-is-better’, full, natural and brushed-up brows." The 2019 brow trend centres on "a fluffier, feathered texture achieved by brushing the hairs upward," says Jared Bailey, global brow expert at Benefit Cosmetics
Thick and dishevelled eyebrows 
For 2019, thick and dishevelled eyebrows will start to make a big comeback, at least that’s the view from the States! The concept of perfect eyebrows now leaves space for imperfect eyebrows that follow the natural shape. They are mainly characterised by being left natural or combed upwards to intensify the look.  

Meeting Client Needs 
Keeping up to date can be tough, with fashions changing so quickly. However, customers will know what is upcoming and therefore it is essential to do your homework too. 
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