Choosing your Microblading Supplier

January 14, 2022

Microblading Supplier

Buying online can be a tricky and insecure process, we are here to help you find out what to look for when purchasing your supplies from a new Microblading Supplier.

When looking for microblading supplies, it's very easy to simply type your desired microblading products into google and purchase from the first shop that comes up. However it is important to ensure that you are ordering from a legitimate and reputable supplier. There are a few ways to check this. 

Microblading Supplier Reviews!

Reviews! One of the best ways to find out about the quality of both the supplier and products is to check reviews. It is great to hear first hand experiences from real customers, and ensure you can find the highest quality products for your business without simply needing to trust images and descriptions. Websites such as Google, Yelp and Trust Pilot can show you reviews of businesses and websites. Alternatively you can see reviews on their website or selling platforms too.

Take a look at this review for our brow mapping pen on Amazon.

Microblading Reviews

Not only has this customer been direct and specific with their response to the product, amazon also shows that this review was made through a verified purchase. A verified purchase means that a legitimate purchase was made for the product by the reviewer.

Important Note: not all reviews are legitimate. Some are fake reviews created to have a negative impact on a company. Always read the details within the reviews of both the products and microblading supplier, and check the responses made by the company. 

Description of the microblading product

Item Descriptions. In some cases it is necessary to find out as much information about the product. Microblading requires the use of high quality, sterilised and safe single use microblading pens or needles, and this information should normally be provided in the description of the product, or alternatively you can contact the supplier to be provided confirmation of this.

microblading needles

Take a look at these microblading needles sold by us at Microblading Emporium. 

Not only can you see the product both in and out of the packaging, the description also provides you with some key information about the product:

  • Medical Grade Steel
  • Gamma ray sterilised in individual blister packs
  • ISO 9002 certified (this means that there has been quality assurances in the production of the product, and is therefore of the highest and safest quality possible)

Microblading online shop

Sometimes the quality of a website can be a good indicator of both the trustworthiness of a business and the quality. Look out for good quality images and good spelling/grammar!

Contact information

Check for a business address and telephone number so you can make contact if you have a query or problem with your order.

Does the microblading supplier have a company number?

Check for a company number. This can be normally found in the privacy policy pages of a website along with information on the type of registered company it is. For example: Microblading Emporium is owned and operated by registered company Health Mind Body Ltd. A limited company registered in the UK with company number 10574131.

Check companies house

Check official sources to find out if it is a legitimate business. In the UK you can check whether the business is a registered company by searching their business or company name in Companies House. This site helps provide additional information such as when the business became incorporated. Alternatively you can check The Financial Services Register.

Always buy your microblade supplies from a trustworthy site by using these steps. It will help ensure the safety of your clients and prevent damage to your company. If you think a Microblading Supplier business is illegitimate or have scammed you, contact Citizens Advice to find out the next steps you should take.

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